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Products Introductions

Carbon brushes are essential motor components providing electricity continuously to the commutators. TRIS has a large share in the carbon brush market and is recognized as a world-leading brand. We satisfy customer’s needs by refining our long-experienced techniques for the development of highly-engineered products. We supply not only carbon brushes but also brush holder assemblies.

Carbon commutators are used in fuel pumps and are applicable to a wide range of fuels as well as gasoline. We develop and supply carbon commutators which have a unique connection to our core technology, cultivated through our experience with carbon brushes and powder metallurgies.

Powder metallurgies are appropriate ways of mass-producing precision machine parts through pressing and sintering metal powders, which are mixed as usage. We have been supplying products for more than 60 years as a pioneer in the powder metallurgy field in Japan.

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