“Compact & High Performance, Less-Wear” Develop Best Material to Meet Customer’s Requirement

Development Example

Major demands for new carbon brush development from customers are downsizing (weight saving), high efficiency and improve friction durability. We achieve those demands by developing products with carbon, copper, and extra materials based on our experience and expertise.

Starter Motor

Durability Improvement for Starter Motor

Due to the significant increase in market demand for idling stop function, durability improvement for carbon brush is becoming necessary. We have succeeded in increasing the durability from several ten thousands cycles to several hundred thousand cycles, which is more than ten times the improvement of conventional brushes.

Fuel Pump Motor

High Voltage Application for Fuel Pump Motor

Loaded voltage for fuel pump motors on gasoline engine automobiles is 12~13.5 volts, but higher voltage is required on hybrid automobiles. Carbon brush development to meet these tough conditions without increasing brush size is demanded. TRIS is continuously meeting the changing demands for high voltage fuel pump brushes.

Impurity-Resistant of Carbon Brush

In many developing countries, gasoline quality is often low and impurities, which affect motor performance, are sometimes found in the fuel. To avoid quality problems such as corrosion or electric corrosion by the impurities in gasoline, impurity-resistant brush development is required for fuel pumps used in developing countries.

Reducing Motor Noise

Quiet running of engine is an important sales point for recent automobiles. Reducing the noise of blower motor for air conditioner, EPS motor and etc. are all critical to reducing the sound inside the driver’s cabin of an automobile. Our products can meet the difficult requirement from customers.

Development Organization & Facility

We have several development teams to meet various types of demands from customers and market trends. One is the team to develop products based on the requirements from customers for tier 1 motor manufacturer and companies in automotive industry. The others are for prototype sample, material analysis & development, and new projects. Not only does TRIS focus on the development at hand, but also advanced development based on future strategy.
Many types of test equipment and facilities are utilized to develop products. For example, soundproof room, starter motor output test equipment, material analysis, etc. Cooperating with customers and utilizing those facilities, we continuously improve carbon brushes and add to our existing knowledge for product development.

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